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Founded in 2009, and based in Southern California Proove Biosciences is a commercial and research leader in personalized medicine. Proove has a portfolio of patent-protected genetic tests that help physicians answer some of their most important concerns to improve care and reduce costs.

Since most patients go to the doctor for help with physical or emotional pain, Proove has laid a successful foundation as the leader in personalized pain medicine and has plans to expand into other specialties. With a high-complexity CLIA-certified laboratory in Irvine, California, the Company also has offices in the Baltimore-Washington area to support hundreds of treating physician offices and clinical research sites across the United States.

Our mission is to change the future of medicine.

We seek to realize a future when clinicians look back and wonder how they could’ve ever prescribed medications without knowing how a patient would respond.

My name is Rachel and my Proove test results validated what I had been telling my doctors for years…

I was actually shocked at how true the results were and how they validated what I had told my doctors about NSAIDs. My test results actually said that I should NOT take NSAIDs due to probability for ulcer formation.

When I was 26 years old, I had an NSAID-induced stomach ulcer and I haven’t been able to take NSAIDs since that time. I obtained a lot of valuable information that I can pass along to my other physicians so they can tailor their drug therapies as appropriate.

I’ve been telling my doctors for years that certain medications make me sick. My Proove test results validated what I had been telling my doctors—particularly as it relates to Tramadol and NSAIDs.


Rachel Hausen

Hi, my name is Carol and my husband was going in to have back surgery…

He was going to have the potential to have a lot of pain. Knowing my husbands’ opioid risk was a great concern of mine.

I had some concerns that he could possibly have the potential to be addicted to painkillers. Getting clarity about the opioid risk potential set my mind at ease based on the score that came back from the Proove test. The test results from Proove showed that my husband should not take NSAID drugs, and in the past he had been taking those drugs.

Things are going to change because of these Proove tests.

Carol_Y_1 2

Carol Yarbrough Wife of Mayor Jim Yarbrough, City of Galveston, Texas