The Only Clinically-Proven “Win-Win” Solution for the Pain and Opioid Crises

Results from over 8 published clinical studies in peer-reviewed journals over the last 7 months validate Proove’s precision medicine technology.  90% of patients experience a 40-50% reduction in pain when clinicians make treatment changes based on Proove and can identify patients at risk for opioid abuse with up to 96.7% accuracy.  No other technology can come close to these outcomes. {click through to profiles}

Precision Medicine for Pain - the Nation’s Most Prevalent & Expensive Health Condition

Instead of “science by emoji” using a 0-10 scale or smiley faces and frowny faces to assess pain, Proove technology objectively classifies patient pain perception using genetic and non-genetic factors to guide better treatment. Precision medicine can help improve treatment and outcomes for patients in pain. {click through to profiles}

According to the CDC, Current Approaches are Only Making the Opioid Crisis Worse

Only Proove technology can identify patients at risk for opioid abuse with up to 96.7% accuracy – better than any survey instrument or other current approaches that are failing. Proove’s precision medicine can help federal, state and local law enforcement as well as other public health agencies solve the crisis and save lives. {click through to profiles}

One of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in North America

By doing good and saving patients’ lives, Proove has experienced great growth, being listed by Deloitte Technology Fast 500 in 2016 (#69) and the Inc. 500 in 2016 (#323). {click through to the Newsroom}