About Us

At Proove®, we are united in our promise to make a positive impact on every patient, employee, and clinician. We invent solutions, take calculated risks, overcome failure, work with integrity, and demonstrate compassion every day. We celebrate individuality, dream big, and have the courage and creativity to find a way. Our founder, award-winning social entrepreneur Brian Meshkin, often quotes from the Proove Promise that “we respect the merit and recognize the dignity of individuality.” Even though together we are Proove, each of us is an individual with distinct talents and contributions. Every piece of data, specimen, customer, and contract reflects an individual with individual talents and needs. There is no average patient, clinician, or person. The average is a myth. We believe in the power of one person – a patient, a clinician, and a company to make a difference. It is that focus which strengthens who we are and motivates us to help others overcome their challenges.


Proove® is the Healthcare Decision Company™. We are the commercial and educational leader in the research, investigation and development of patent-protected precision medicine profiles that combine genetic and clinical data into reports to help clinicians individualize — and optimize — medicine selection and dosing for the nation’s largest and most expensive health condition – chronic pain.

Supported by leading medical experts and institutions across the globe, Proove profiles facilitate objective decision-making to improve outcomes for patients, providers and insurers. Backed by science and driven by data, Proove is revolutionizing individualized medicine. With a patented bioinformatics platform that delivers therapy-defining information that allows prescribers to evaluate pain tolerance, predict response and immunity to opioid and non-opioid pain medication, identify risk for opioid use disorder, and assess patient drug metabolism, Proove provides the most technologically advanced solutions to enable accurate and evidence-based medical decision-making rather than “trial-and-error” approaches. Proove helps reduce the risk of treatment failure, decrease costs to insurers and help individuals and society overcome the emotional and financial burdens associated with addiction and other avoidable consequences.


Our mission is to change the future of medicine by providing proof to improve healthcare decisions. We are planning a future where clinicians understand the pathways of pain, rather than labeling it based on a location on the body. We are building that future to enable clinicians to know how patients are likely to respond to medications before writing a prescription or initiating a treatment plan. We help people overcome pain.



We’re building a future where patients, providers and payers no longer rely upon opinions or “second opinions” for decisions. Where reimbursement is not made based on an arbitrary guideline, formulary or protocol opinion that assumes an average patient exists, but rather is determined based on objective analysis of data about what is best for each individual patient. Where taxpayer and employer dollars are no longer wasted paying for failure, as a cost for the process of elimination to determine accurate diagnosis or efficacious treatment. Where diagnosis is done by consistently improving predictive analytics, instead of waiting for medical schools to churn out the next generation of physicians while current physicians are decades behind. Where treatment is not dictated by perverse reimbursement incentives, personal preferences, or hollow judgements of a third-party payer, but rather, treatment is evaluated by software to deliver data points for a clinician to use her or his skill and training to perform the treatment on a patient with a much higher certainty of success.

By replacing opinion with rational decision-making for our nation’s largest and most expensive health condition, Proove substantially reduces costs for chronic pain which is more than cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined; as well as reduces disability rates and the negative outgrowths of irrational decision-making in pain such as the prescription opioid abuse epidemic. We will be the verb for this future. Proove the Diagnosis, Proove the Treatment, and Proove the Outcome. This future is what we are doing every day – right now.

Proove Cares

The Proove Health Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting public health studies, volunteerism, and education promoting personalized medicine to tackle our nation’s most-pressing epidemics, including identifying evidence-based guidelines for addressing the prescription drug epidemic. As part of this effort, the Foundation sponsors public health research studies, educational programs, and volunteer activities. Musculoskeletal disease is an epidemic as the leading cause of physical disability in America, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. With over 55 million Americans with low-back pain, chronic pain has become the most prevalent and expensive health condition in America – more than cancer, diabetes, and heart disease combined. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, physician wrote 259 million prescriptions for opioids in 2012 as a cost-effective and clinically-effective approach to control the epidemic of unresolved pain. However, with the rise in opioid prescriptions, three out of of four prescription overdoses are now due to opioids and opioid abuse is now an epidemic as the leading cause of injury death according to the CDC.

To help find solutions to these related epidemics, the Proove Health Foundation sponsored the Evaluation of Population-Based Incidences of Drug Abuse, Prescription Ethical Medication Irregularities, and Compliance Behaviors (EPIDEMIC) study. The EPIDEMIC study was aimed at collecting information to evaluate socio-economic factors and other issues that contributed to abuse in order to create guidelines that help promote pain control and reduce opioid abuse.

To learn more about the Proove Health Foundation, please visit www.proovehealth.org.